MC mod. RAGLA-3A – Automatic Shoulder Pad Sewing Machine to Sew Woman Shoulder Pad type standard and Raglan Curving 60 mm

MC mod. RAGLA-3A – Automatic Shoulder Pad Sewing Machine to Sew Woman Shoulder Pad type standard and Raglan Curving 60 mm

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Shoulder Pad

  • Woman Shoulder-Pads Sew

  • Shoulder-Pad curving 60 mm

  • Shoulder-Pad Sewing

  • Automatic Sewing

  • Ragla Curving 60 mm

  • Woman Shoulder Pads

A joystick allows memorization of a wide variety of stitching patterns on a self-learning basis.

In this way, each stitching pattern may be programmed to have a variable number of stitches and the distance between them may be adjusted as desired.
This versatile machine also makes it possible to add or remove stitches at any stage during the program or at the end of the program and has a pick-up unit for loading and unloading the shoulder-pad onto a sliding clamp unit. This clamp unit will carry the pad into the sewing area for sewing purposes and take it away from it when sewing has been completed.

Once the shoulder-pad has been sewn, the thread is automatically cut and the shoulder-pad expelled from the machine. All these operations are fully controlled by an electronic programmer with a built-in display.

Machine is equipped with a PFAFF 333 sewing machine, complete with electronic stop and rotating speed converter for speed adjustment of the sewing head, PenDrive for transferring programs to a PC or to other machines.

It is also possible to sew some of the stitches within a program or to correct possible mistakes in the stitching by running the program at a slower speed than set (for example, the double-stitching at the beginning or end of a program, the double-stitching halfway through a program to pass from the right shoulder-pad to the left piece as well as some stitches within the program may be sewn at a slower speed for better control).

This “RAGLA-3A” model allows an axis movement of 60 mm and has a sewing range of about 19 cm in length and about 22 cm in width.

A new feature of Model “RAGLA-3A” is that it makes it possible to sew both women’s standard shoulder-pads and raglan shoulder-pads with an outer sloping edge coming down to a maximum height of up to 2 cm as measured from the inner side of the shoulder-pad to the edge.

Machine has an hourly production output of about 300 to 400 shoulder-pads but this number may vary according to the kind of fabric used for the shoulder-pads, the thickness of the shoulder-pad, the type of thread used, the stitching pattern chosen, etc.)

The piece to be sewn is laid upon a special plate – conveniently shaped for Raglan ones – from which it is lifted by an automatic pick-up unit and then laid onto a movable clamp-unit.
Thanks to the synchronized movement of the two axes, the shoulder-pad will be shifted in the sewing unit as the sewing program loaded. At the end of the sewing the thread cutter automatically cuts the thread and then air blowing unload the shoulder-pad in front of the machine.

MC mod. RAGLA-3A – Automatic Shoulder Pad Sewing Machine to Sew Woman Shoulder Pad type standard and Raglan Curving 60 mm

Technical Data

– As many as 147 programs with up to 500 stitches each can be stored in the memory
– Visualization of cycle memory
– Visualization of cycle time
– Total count of stitches per program
– Total count of cycles performed
– Programmable count for spool replacement
– Upper thread control: the machine will stop if the thread snaps or if the needle gets unthreaded
– Manual control of all functions – 400V 50/60 Hz (three-phase + neutral + earth)
– Working temperature: 10 ÷ 35 °C
– Air pressure: 5 atm
– Dimensions: cm. 160 x 95 x H170
– Weight: Kg. 265


Note: Memorization of the sewing program does not require any skilled labour, as it takes place on a self-learning basis. Even an ordinary worker can memorize a program in 2 or 3 minutes and then immediately run it in automatic mode.

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