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Pierangelo Made in Italy
Pierangelo Tailor made CE Certified Machinery

PIERANGELO is a firm that was founded in the 70’s by the initiative of Mr. Pierangelo, for the designs and productions of molds for production of small mechanical components, and special purpose machines and equipment for automotive and textile industry.

In early 1990 his sons have started to work in his firm. In late 1990, the firm began selling machines in Europe, and later also in Asia.

In December 2005, Mr. Pierangelo leaves the continuation of the firm to his sons and so it was founded the firm PIERANGELO SERVICE S.R.L., which began to design and production special purpose machines and equipment also for the food industry.

Today PIERANGELO SERVICE S.R.L. is a leading manufacturer of equipment and special machines for the mechanical, automotive, textiles, apparel and food industry and it is continuing the specialization in research of new technologies to be applied in the machines, to be always able to meet the needs of the customer.

For over 45 years, PIERANGELO has been one of the leading manufacturers of special purpose equipment and machines for the food, general mechanical and textile – clothing industries.

In all sectors, it designs and produces automations for any type of application.

PIERANGELO produces mechanical parts according to drawing, and the repair of machines and equipment in general.

Today, following constant trend towards evolution, it is undertaking a significant expansion in various countries of the world.


Tailor-Made Machinery for Food, Apparel, Mechanical Industries