TSI mod. 200 Shearing Machine to split Shoulder-Pad

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Split Shoulder-Pad

  • Automatic Splitting

Its hourly production capacity is 1000 pairs of pieces. This maximum output is achieved with two people working at the machine (one loading the pieces to be cut and the other one unloading them once they have been split). This machine allows perfectly neat splitting of the shoulder-pad as it can easily cut just as neatly through all fabrics, even through synthetic threads or synthetic fibers.

This machine performs the automatic splitting of already basted shoulder-pads in two halves

– One person loads the shoulder pad to be split onto the six-station disk, placing the shoulder-pad in position using the special adjustable centering pins.
– Splitting takes place when the shoulder-pad comes under the splitting arm. This arm is equipped with a punch which may be replaced with others of as many shapes as one wishes.
– When the split shoulder-pad reaches the second worker, he just has to unload the two halves of the shoulder-pad, stack them one on top of the other and put aside or throw away the waste.
– A timer on the machine allows the user to set the duration of the pause as desired.

TSI mod. 200 Shearing Machine to split Shoulder-Pad

Technical Data

– Manual control of all functions
– 400V 50/60 Hz (three-phase + earth)
– Working temperature: 10 ÷ 35 °C
– Air pressure: 5 atm
– Dimensions: cm. 185 x 125 x H150
– Weight: Kg. 1050

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