MCR mod. 2022-REV3 | Automatic Sewing Machine for Sleeve-head Rolls

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Sleeve Head Rolls

  • Sleeve Heads

  • Automatic Assembling

  • Automatic Sewing

Machine for assembling and sewing sleeve-head rolls.

Sleeve-head rolls may be made up of 1 to 7 pieces each and the pieces may be sewn flat or with effect.

The machine consists of the following devices:
• a rotating disc with 8 divisions on which the pieces of the sleeve-head roll are put
• a device for assembling the sleeve-head roll
• a robot with a gripping hand with 7 grippers for moving the sleeve-head roll under the sewing machine
• a PFAFF sewing machine mod. 3801-3/071, but a different type may also be installed
– an electrical panel with PLC and color operator panel

During the rotation of the disc step by step, one or more operators put the pieces of the sleeve-head rolls into the respective shapes, and at the same time, there is a device that assembles them.

The robot picks up the assembled sleeve-head roll and moves it under the sewing machine for stitching.

All these operations are performed in synchronism without pauses.

The machine produces the right sleeve-head rolls separately from the left ones; it is not possible to produce the pair consecutively.

MCR mod. 2022-REV3 | Automatic Sewing Machine for Sleeve-head Rolls

Technical Data

– Production capacity varies from 3 to 5 sleeve-head rolls per minute, depending on various factors, such as the number of pieces that compose it, the shape, the types of fabric used, the type of thread, if it is sewn with effect
– Memory capacity up to 1000 programs
– Power supply 230V 50 Hz
– Pneumatic supply 5 atm
– Dimensions cm 255 x 188 x H195

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