TSM-01 – Wire Tensioner for Mold Holders

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Wire Tensioner

  • Mold Holders

  • Tensioner for Mold Holders

System for polyethylene covering the transmission consisting of several ropes, with injection molding machine.

This consists of a pneumatic cylinder fixed to the mold with its support, which through a fork with 2 pins tension the 2 transmissions inserted in the mold.

TSM-01 – Wire Tensioner for Mold Holders

Technical Data

– 5 bar pneumatic supply

The operator inserts the transmission into the mold and then activates a lever to put it in pre-tensioning; then starts the work cycle of the injection press, which will automatically activate the maximum tension command in the tensioner before the injection is performed.

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