EPO-1 – Push-On Equipment

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Coupling

  • Interlocking

  • Terminal

  • Sheath

The equipment performs the coupling by interlocking between a terminal and the sheath.

The equipment consists of an aluminum plate on feet on which the following units are applied:
– a vice operated by a pneumatic cylinder, for locking the sheath
– a pneumatic cylinder with adjustable stroke for pressing the terminal onto the sheath
– an electrical control panel with totalizer for counting the cycles performed

EPO-1 – Push-On Equipment

Technical Data

– dimensions: cm. 70 x 60 x H100
– weight: 35 Kg
– 5 bar pneumatic supply
– 230VAC power supply
– the equipment takes about 1 sec. to carry out the work cycle.

The operator inserts the sheath with the terminal in the vice, then presses the pedal to execute the work cycle


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