PP-01 – Pneumatic Press

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Pneumatic Press

  • Locks Wire Rope

  • Pneumatic Lock for Wire Rope

The equipment locks the detail on the wire rope.

The equipment consists of:
– a pneumatic pressing system, having a force of 1570 daN at 5 bar;
– a pedal to control the work cycle;
– a timer for setting the duration of the pressing time;
– an adjustable mechanical stop for the support of the part to be machined, locked on the work surface;
– a transparent protection for the mold;
– a totalizer for counting the cycles performed;

PP-01 – Pneumatic Press

Technical Data

– the equipment takes about 3 sec. to carry out the work cycle.
– dimensions: cm. 100 x 60 x H120
– weight: 50 Kg
– pneumatic supply 5 bar

The operator inserts the rope with the part to be blocked, placing it on the support stop, then presses the pedal to carry out the work cycle.

Notes: The data included are not binding

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