MCP-1 – Machine For Marking And Sheath Cutting

MCP-1 – Machine For Marking And Sheath Cutting

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Marking Sheath Cutting

  • Sheath Cutting

  • Marking Sheath

The machine cuts and stamps different sheath diameters to the desired length.

This consists of an iron structure in which the following units are applied:
– a support with unwinding unit to guide the sheath up to the straightening unit
– a SHEATH STRAIGHTENING UNIT located near the 2 stamping machines
– a sheath length measuring system with tachometer wheel
– 2 STAMPING MACHINES each operated by a pneumatic cylinder
– a SHEATH DRIVING GROUP consisting of a pair of drive wheels under pressure with each other
– a CUTTING GROUP consisting of a cutting-off machine with cutting disc
– a pneumatic vice for locking the sheath during the cutting phase
– a warehouse with automatic unloading for the collection of the cut pieces
– an electric control panel with operator panel

MCP-1 – Machine For Marking And Sheath Cutting

Technical Data

– the equipment takes about 5 sec. to carry out the work cycle.
– dimensions: cm. 10,000 x 100 x H180
– 5 bar pneumatic supply
– 400VAC electrical supply

The operator, after having inserted the sheath through the various passages and having set the various data on the operator panel, starts the automatic cycle; periodically, he has the task of removing the cut pieces from the collection tank of the unloading warehouse.

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