MM17 – Ice Cream Automatic PasteurizerNalflux Cook & Clean

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Ice Cream

  • Food Pasteurizer

The work in your kitchen can be made so much easier in many areas!

This appliance developed by professionals promises time and work savings and a more efficient implementation of the hygiene standards required by law!!!
NALFLUX COOK & CLEAN PASTOVAP MM17 mixes and pasteurizes your ingredients in an optimal manner using hot steam. Kettles or cooling equipment becomes unnecessary and… cleaning and hygienisation of your workplace can be carried out in a jiffy!

PASTOVAP heats and cooks your specialities with the greatest precision in no time.

PASTOVAP works according to a simple principle, which was developed based on the idea of an experienced traditional ice cream maker: “lf steam is added to a mass, it will heat up…”

With the patented NALFLUX COOK & CLEAN method, it is possible to cook or heat up using steam at 350°C- 400°C. At such extreme temperatures, the steam “dries” i.e. the residual water content is so low that it cannot affect the balance of the mass to be processed.

The entire process is controlled by computer at high precision. The most important cooking and pasteuri­zation programs can be easily customized via a user­ friendly touch screen display.

You can save your “recipes” for each mixture, along with your data for “time, temperature and any other parameters”: PASTOVAP is able to cook a 5 litre mass in about 3 minutes and an 8 liter mass in about 5 minutes.

Mixing is performed at the same time. The mass is then held at pasteuri­zation temperature.
When cooking with steam, PASTOVAP also guarantees excellent results for natural and processed products.

PASTOVAP makes bulky, energy­ guzzling devices such as kettles, freezers, large refrigerators for the storage of finished masses and integrated mixers utterly superfluous.

And: all you need to do is to prepare your mixtures in single buckets, select the program and press start; PASTOVAP will do the rest.
After masses have been produced, PASTOVAP can be used to professionally clean your appliances.
The cleaning nozzle will transform PASTOVAP into a “steam jet” for your kitchen.
Meaning you can clean your entire kitchen and its appliances to hygienic perfection in minutes.

Finally, PASTOVAP will then clean it self fully automatically!

The technical essence of the equipment is largely made up of components that have proved their worth on the market for more than 30 years.
PASTOVAP is made of high quality materials, manually assembled by specialized personnel to ensure high construction standards.

Simplicity: the equipment is manufactured with quality materials. It supplies “dry” steam at a very high temperature for heating up, cooking, mixing, pasteurising and cleaning.
Innovation: the large and intuitive touchscreen enables all functions and the installed heating-up, cooking and cleaning programs to be accurately and easily controlled and customized as desired.
Efficiency: a maximum energy saving and the additional possibility of continuously processing different mixtures without kettles, refrigerators or freezers being necessary. Residual steam is used at the end far self-cleaning.

Note: use Pastovap MM17 mean:
– can cook the various tastes individually
– you can cook the desired quantity
– saving energy since it is used only when needed
– not having to use fridges for the maintenance of the mass
– the possibility of using the Pastovap MM17 also for other tasks, like thaw quickly refrigerated products
– use it not only for cooking the mass of ice cream, but also for the preparation of “scockobase”, etc. …
– the fantastic ability to program individual recipes for pressure, temperature and time
– avoid wasting time and effort thanks to its system of car wash

To obtain good cooking results with PASTOVAP MM17, you should cook just from 1/4 to 1/3 of milk necessary for the recipe. It is not necessary to pasteurize milk pasteurized already as a further process would result in a further loss of fat residue on it.

Buying Pastovap MM17 buying two tools in one: you have the option to clean the laboratory to save time and sanitizers. 100% guaranteed hygiene. It is easy to install because it has no exhaust pipe

Disadvantages of the old traditional pasteurizers:
– most of these are very bulky
– are connected to the drainage of water
– when lit they consume electricity and water for a very long time, even for days
– You must repeatedly perform the washing for a very long time, using water and specific products very expensive and harmful to the environment; also you need to regularly change the seals
– There is little convenience in cooking time compared to the quantity to Cook
– many models of old traditional pasteurizers have a structure and form which make them very difficult to clean

MM17 – Ice Cream Automatic PasteurizerNalflux Cook & Clean

Technical Data

Size cm (WxDxH): 60x85x169
Weight Kg: 125
Electrical supply: 380/400 Vac – 50 Hz Power: 12,7 Kw – 35 A
7″ touchscreen: displays the current recipe, displays all machine commands, shows how the recipe progresses during the work cycle

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