FBM mod. 620-REV1 – Filter Banding Machine

FBM mod. 620-REV1 – Filter Banding Machine
  • FBM mod. 620 Filter Banding Machinery
  • FBM210 1
  • FBM mod. 417 Full Automatic Filters Banding Machine
  • FBM620 REV1 1
  • FBM mod. 417 Full Automatic Filters Banding Machine

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Internal Cylindrical Air Filters

  • Cylindrical Air Filters

  • Air Filters

Filter banding machine that glues straps in various positions and quantities.

Cylindrical filters with a diameter between 100 mm and 500 mm and a length from 100 mm to 2500 mm can be used (the machine, during construction, can be modified in order to use larger filters than those shown).

Machine is composed of a carriage in which a glue pistol, a motorized mechanical group for unwinding the band, an automatic scissor for cutting the band are fixed, and a series of adjustable and motorized white rubber wheels on which the filter is placed, an electrical panel with PLC and operator panel to control the machine cycles.

In a few minutes it is possible to set the development of the straps and their positions, from 1 to 8. Different types of band of various sizes can be used.
Any type of fuser and glue pistol can be applied to the machine.

Operator places the filter on the wheels, then presses the START pedal to start the automatic cycle: during the unwinding of the band, the glue is deposited and then cut to the set length.

At the end of the first strap, the tape unwinding unit will automatically move to the next position and so on.
Upon end cycles, the unit will automatically return to its initial position.

FBM mod. 620-REV1 – Filter Banding Machine

Technical Data

– electric power supply: 220 VAC 50 Hz
– pneumatic power supply: 5 Bar
– dimensions: cm 302 x 128 x H 123
– weight: 340 Kg;
– for medium size filters, the machine takes approximately 4 seconds to apply the band in one position;

Note: Please note that the data included is not binding.

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