ESCL Equipment for Screwing the Sheath into the Lever

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Screwing Sheath

  • Screwing Sheath into Plastic Lever

  • Screwing into Plastic Lever

The equipment carries out the screwing of the sheath into the body of the plastic lever.

The equipment consists of an aluminum base on feet on which the following units are applied:
– a rotating unit with rotating template with clutch
– a vice for locking the sheath
– a control pedal;
– an electrical control panel

ESCL Equipment for Screwing the Sheath into the Lever

Technical Data

– the equipment takes about 1.5 sec. to perform the work cycle
– dimensions: cm. 100 x 20 x H40
– weight: 25 Kg
– pneumatic power supply 5 bar
– power supply 230/400 VAC

The operator inserts the handle with the sheath into the template and then presses the pedal to start the work cycle: the vice yes closes, the lever begins to screw into the sheath until the clutch intervenes. At the end of the work cycle, the vice opens, and the motor stops.

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