ESR – Equipment for Screwing Register

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Screwing Register

  • Screwing

  • Register Screwing

The equipment screws the two screws into the register, for a certain length, which can be adjusted.

The equipment consists of:
– a gearmotor having the seat for the register to be screwed;
– an electrical control panel;
– a pair of pneumatic adjusters for adjusting the screwing length of the two screws in the register;

ESR – Equipment for Screwing Register

Technical Data

– the equipment takes about 2 sec. to perform the work cycle
– dimensions: cm. 34 x 44 x H30
– weight: 25 Kg
– pneumatic power supply 5 bar
– power supply 230/400 V 50/60 Hz

The operator, with the equipment stationary, inserts the register in the rotating seat, takes the two screws, then pressing the pedal, the forks are closed for the two screws and the gearmotor is automatically activated until the screws are completely screwed to the established length.

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