ZE – Equipment for Knurling Hexagonal Registers

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Facilitate the Operator in Positioning the Parts

  • Facilitate the Assembly Operation

  • Hydraulic Press Assembly Operation

The equipment consists of an aluminum base on feet, on which the following units are applied:

– a system for register knurling consisting of a pair of knurled wheels controlled by a pneumatic cylinder;
– a gearmotor in which a gripper is keyed to house the register to be processed;
– a transparent protection to enclose the work area;
– an electrical panel with two-hand control;
– a totalizer for counting the cycles performed

ZE – Equipment for Knurling Hexagonal Registers

Technical Data

– the equipment takes about 3 sec. to carry out the work cycle.
– dimensions: cm. 80 x 60 x H120
– weight: 35 Kg
– pneumatic power supply 5 bar
– 400VAC power supply while the rotating gripper rotates, the operator inserts the register into it, then holds down the double command to execute the knurling; when the time set in the timer expires, the wheels open automatically.

At this point the operator removes his hands from the double command, removes the part from the gripper and then inserts another one to be processed.

Notes: The data included are not binding

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