MD mod. 296 – Dosing Machine for Marrons Glacés

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Marrons Glacés

  • Dosing Machine

The unit is made up of two conveyor belts (one on the left and the other on the right of the machine) that both have a 2 meters long support and are 20 cm wide; the product to be packed is placed manually on them.

The machine is also made of a pneumatic piston to compress the finished product poured into the bowl and, lastly, of a system to weigh the bowl.

During the operation cycle, the operator must place the product uniformly on the relevant conveyor belts and then must insert the empty plastic bowl in its seat and press the START key to start the cycle that fills and weighs the bowl.

At the end of the operation cycle, the operator must remove the filled bowl and insert a new one that is ready for another filling cycle.

Machine is equipped with an electrical board with an operator’s panel where the final weight of the bowl can be set.

MD mod. 296 – Dosing Machine for Marrons Glacés

Technical Data

Column 1 Column 2
Producing Capacity 180 bowl/hour
Pneumatic Supply 5 atm
Room Temperature Ranging Between 10 and 35°C
Power Supply 400v 50/60 Hz
 Size (cm) 400 x 500 x h120
Note: Please note that the data included is not binding.

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