ECES – Cable Clips Tightening Equipment

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Cable Clips Tightening

  • Cable Clips

  • Clips Tightening

The equipment tightens the nylon ties inserted in the bundles of ropes or sheaths.

The equipment consists of an aluminum base on feet on which the following units are applied:
– a manual clamping pliers of the clamps locked in a jig
– a driven pneumatic cylinder to operate the caliper lever
– a pneumatic pedal to control the cylinder

ECES – Cable Clips Tightening Equipment

Technical Data

– the equipment takes about 0.5 sec. to tighten the clamp
– dimensions: cm. 20 x 40 x H30
– weight: 15 Kg
– 5 bar pneumatic supply
The operator inserts the end of the clamp into the clamp and then activates the pedal to control the clamping clamp

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