IA mod. 416-3 – Automatic Shoulder Pads Wadding Machine 3 Layers

IA mod. 416-3 – Automatic Shoulder Pads Wadding Machine 3 Layers

This equipment can be used to produce the following end products:

  • Wadding Pads

  • Wool Shoulder Pad Wadding

  • Shoulder Pad Wadding

  • Cotton Shoulder Pads Wadding

  • Wadding for Shoulder Pads

  • Cotton + Viscose Shoulder Pad Wadding

  • Wadding Pads 3 Layers

Automatic wadding for shoulder pads Series IA mod. 416-3 is fully automatic; has been designed and manufactured to meet the various demands of production.
Whole machine is managed by an electronic control panel with touch-screen Panel, which can be used to manually control all machine movements.

The operator’s task is to feed the machine loading from No. 1 to No. 4 rolls of cotton (cotton, wool, or cotton + viscose, or polyester, etc …) according to the type of padding that must produce. Rolls can have a maximum width of 42 cm.

Machine is made up of 1 + 3 cutting unit which generate layers of padding, equipped by its feeders for transporting wadding tapes, by a system of needle punching to merge the layers of padding with one another, and a rotation disk magazine to collect pieces products.

To change the production from one article to another takes about 5 minutes.

This machine is able to produce the desired shape (e.g. to triangular, oval, trapezoid, etc.); this is conical.

By this machine it is possible to produce wadding with maximum size about cm 37×36.

For the wadding with maximum dimensions cm 37×18, in each of 4 units, it is possible to cut 2 layers at the same time.

IA mod. 416-3 – Automatic Shoulder Pads Wadding Machine 3 Layers

Technical Data

– the cycle time of approximately 6.5 sec. in 3 units, while for the single to 3 sec.; This value may decrease or increase depending on the size of the pad;
– on the operator panel display displays various information;
– all machine movements can be controlled manually with the operator panel;
– power supply 400V 50 Hz, 2 Kw, 8.5 in.
– Ambient temperature between 10 and 35° C;
– air supply: 5 bar;
– dimension: cm. 362 x 180 x H175;
– weight 1260 Kg

Note: Please note that the data included is not binding.

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